Andrea Abrell, DO

Katharine Anderson, MD, Director of Education/Associate FM Program Director

Armand Auger, MD

Megan Barker, MD, MPH, Director of Faculty/Associate FM Program Director

John Barnes, MD

Stephanie Bartholomew, MD

Carrie Bolander, DO

Michelle Bragg, Ed.D, MBA, MS, Executive Director/DIO

Michael Clark, MD, Medical Director – MDFP

Jill Colvin, MD

Josie Conte, DO, C-NMM/OMM

Julie Cox, CNM, MPH

Sadianne D’Andreti, PA-C

John Diefenderfer, DO, C-NMM/OMM

Andrew Dionne, MD, Director of Clinical Medicine/Associate FM Program Director

Kate Dorsey-Bernstein, FNP

Jim Dunlap, MD, FACSM

Alissa Dunn, FNP

Greg Feero, MD, PhD, Director of Research

Alyssa Finn, MD, Director of Integrative Medicine

Mary Jo Fisher, MD, Interim Medical Director – FMI

Marya Goettsche Spurling, MD

Lauren Hall, DO

Kelley Harmon, DO, Director of Addiction Medicine

Kate Hoffmann, DO, Program Director, Family Medicine Residency/Associate DIO

Thomas Hoke, MD

Theresa Holden, PA-C

Persis Hope, FNP

Jon Karnes, MD

Caroline LaFave, DO, Director of Recruitment

Louise Langlais, FNP-BC

Stefanie Lewis, DO

Christina Lincoln, DO, Director of Pre-Doctoral Education, Associate Education Director

Chris Lutrzykowski, MD, Program Director, Sports Medicine Fellowship

Julia McDonald, DO, MPH

Barbara Moss, DO, MPH, C-NMM/OMM

Toby Ostrov, PA-C, Medical Director – FSFP

Jenny Pisculli, MD

Kathleen Polonchek, MD

Brett Powers, MD

Tristan Reynolds, DO

Sarah Adrian Rice, PA-C

Angela Ripley, CNM, MSN, C-EFM

Elizabeth Rothe, MD, FACSM, Associate Program Director, Sports Medicine Fellowship

Kenneth Sawyer, PA-C

Cheryl Seymour, MD

Corey Smith, PsyD

Carlen Smith, MD

Joshua Sparling, MD

Rebecca Spear, DO, Program Director, Geriatric Medicine Fellowship

Mark Sutherland, DO, C-NMM/OMM

Rebecca Sylvester, FNP

Amy Trelease-Bell, MD

Anna Veach, DO, C-NMM/OMM, Program Director, ONMM Residency

Rebecca Vose, MMS, PA-C, Medical Director – FMI

JoAnn Wang, DO, FACOI

Megan Wei, PA-C

Angela Wo, MD

Kathryn Yung, MD