Small Grants Program


The Nevola Fund supports the same subjects as has the Symposium over the years:

  • Spirituality: Understanding and honoring the Sacred in the lives of individuals and groups.
  • Humanity in medicine: Supporting person-centered, collaborative care that values and respects the humanity and individuality of all participants in health care.
  • Clinician self-care and wellness: Supporting the resilience, wellness and personal growth of health care clinicians.

Like the Symposium itself did, the Nevola Fund supports projects that benefit Maine-Dartmouth and the surrounding community.

Funding Process

The Nevola Fund Committee meets as needed, at least twice annually, to invite, receive, review and support project proposals.  Proposals may come from individuals or groups within Maine-Dartmouth, including from the Committee itself, or from external entities.  If applications are submitted from within Maine-Dartmouth, preference will be given to proposals that demonstrate a partnership with individuals or groups from the surrounding community.

Examples of proposals that would be considered

  • Presentation/Consultations (e.g., bringing a speaker or consultant to Maine-Dartmouth)
  • Fees and licenses (e.g., licenses to screen films)
  • Facility rental (e.g., venues for retreats)
  • Travel (e.g., underwriting part of expenses for distant travel for residents doing projects with some pertinent focus)
  • Promoting scholarship (e.g., support for transcribing research interviews)
  • Costs associated with the development of teaching resources to enhance medical education

Size of Awards

Grants will typically be in the range of:

  • Individuals – $250.00 to $750.00
  • Groups/organizations – $500.00 to $2000.00

Grant requests between $2,000.00 and $5,000.00 will be considered separately. Anyone interested in applying for a grant of that size is asked to contact to discuss.

Nevola Fund Committee Members

Fred Craigie, PhD
Barbara Moss, DO, MPH
Corey Smith, PsyD
Alyssa Finn, MD