Maine Dartmouth Family Practice

Maine Dartmouth Family Practice (MDFP) is located at 149 North Street in Waterville. Established in 1990, the practice serves approximately 5,500 patients with approximately 20,000 patient visits per year.  This growing practice moved from Fairfield to Waterville in 2014 and is now housed on the second floor of the Thayer Center for Health (TCH). Although the building is home to several outpatient practices, Maine Dartmouth Family Practice is the only primary care practice at Thayer.

We are excited about the resources that the Thayer Center has to offer our patients, including:

  • Stat lab services
  • On-site radiology
  • Comprehensive rehabilitation services
    • Physical therapy
    • Occupational therapy
    • Speech therapy
  • Cardiac and pulmonary rehabilitation
  • Endoscopy
  • Cardiac / vascular / pulmonary testing
  • Sleep center
  • Emergency department
  • Dermatology/Mohs surgery

The Waterville practice serves a mixed suburban and rural population. About four residents per class practice at this site. The faculty at MDFP includes approximately five family physicians, a pediatrician, a nurse midwife, and four PA/NPs. The faculty and residents are divided into care teams to create a more personal experience for our patients. In addition, MDFP employs a full time social worker and psychologist who accept referrals from all care teams. There are several procedure rooms for colposcopy, vasectomy, LEEP, and minor surgery. There is also a dental procedure room where extractions are done.

The practice has a teaching area/library and an area for patient education, as well as two conference rooms that connect us to our hospital and other facilities by interactive TV systems.

General hours of operation are Monday 8AM to 8PM and Tuesday-Friday 8AM to 5PM. An open-access scheduling system allows patients to be seen within 48 hours of their request.