Maine-Dartmouth hosted the eight annual Scholarly Activity Symposium, in person, on June 7, 2022. Brian Irwin DO, FAAFP, FAWM, CTH, Clinical Assistant Professor of Community and Family Medicine at Geisel School of Medicine at Dartmouth and MDFMR class of 2004, delivered the keynote presentation. An accomplished family physician, avid fly fisherman, skier, adventurer, and freelance writer, Dr. Irwin relayed his experience as the expedition doctor for a National Geographic trip in the Guyana jungle with biologist Dr. Bruce Means and a climbing team. The winner of the 2022 Dr. Russell DeJong Excellence in Scholarship Award was Dr. Lisa Smith, who was the lead author of a textbook chapter on health literacy for the 8th edition of Reichel’s Care of the Elderly.

A recording of the event, made possible by the marketing team at MaineGeneral Medical Center, can be found HERE.

Feero WG. Genomics and precision health in 2021. Presentation. Nursing, Genomics and Healthcare Virtual Conference. (Wellcome Connecting Science Courses and Conferences, Hinxton, UK). July 7 2021. CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD & VIEW

Maine-Dartmouth hosted the seventh annual Scholarly Activity Symposium on Tues May 18, 2021. The event featured Robert Gramling MD, class of 2000, as the keynote speaker, presenting Epidemiology of Connectional Silence in Serious Illness Conversations.

The winner of the 2021 Dr. Russell DeJong Excellence in Scholarship Award was Dr. Rachel Criswell. A recording of the event can be found HERE.

A virtual poster session showcased the following:

  1. Slipping through the cracks: Suboptimal immunization rates in a rural ALF population (V. Mullin, PharmD candidate, Husson University School of Pharmacy)
  2. ADEs due to AEDs: Hypocalcemia and vitamin D deficiency in the treatment of seizures (O. Simpson MD, geriatric medicine fellow)
  3. A matter of the heat (D. DiCola MD, sports medicine fellow)
  4. From antalgic gait to starting gate: A runner’s journey (J. Tembreull MD, sports medicine fellow)
  5. Osteopathic palpation in the discovery of a femoral lesion in a pediatric patient (S. Modlin-Tucker DO, ONMM resident)
  6. Urothelial carcinoma in duplex collecting system (R. Dwosh, OMS-III, UNECOM)
  7. Temporal lobe epilepsy and Geschwind syndrome (B. Byrne, OMS-III, UNECOM)
  8. Angioedema & urticaria: Dual autoimmune conditions in a young adult male (B. Laquidara, OMS-III, UNECOM)
  9. Myocardial infarction in the absence of obstructive coronary artery disease (M. Wiren, OMS-III, UNECOM)
  10. Diabetic ketoacidosis in association with second-generation antipsychotics (C. Minnerath, OMS-III, UNECOM)
  11. Progressive rash in a 5 month old (S. Heard, OMS-III, UNECOM)
  12. Analyzing a QI expansion of opioid administration practices on adult inpatient medicine units (R. Spear DO, geriatric medicine fellowship faculty)


A number of our graduating residents participated in a project that resulted in a peer-reviewed publication:

Rachel Criswell MD:
Endocrine-disrupting chemicals and breastfeeding duration: A review. Curr Opin Endocrinol Diabetes Obes. 2020;27(6):388-395.

Changes in parental smoking during pregnancy and risks of adverse birth outcomes and childhood overweight in Europe and North America: An individual participant data meta-analysis of 229,000 singleton births. PLoS Med. 2020;18(17).

Marie Dardeno DO: Warfarin-induced non-uremic calciphylaxis mimicking vasculitis (in press)

Sarah Housman DO and Nathan Devore MD: Ocular disorders in children exposed in utero to buprenorphine. Journal of Substance Use. 08 Feb 2021.

Tristan Reynolds DO:
Report on 7 years’ experience implementing an undergraduate medical curriculum for osteopathic medical students using entrustable professional activities. J Am Osteopath Assoc. 2020;120(8):529-539.

Papules on a child’s chest (photo rounds). J Fam Pract 2020;69(7).

Hair loss and scalp papules (photo rounds). J Fam Pract 2020;69(7).

Painful periocular rash (photo rounds). J Fam Pract 2020;69(7).

Rash, muscle weakness, and confusion (photo rounds). J Fam Pract 2020;69(7).

Max Schaefer DO: “They won’t let me return to work.” A carpenter diagnosed with porphyria cutanea tarda. SKIN. 2021;5(1):56-59.

Here is a smattering of recent accomplishments by some of our faculty. For more information, please see individual bios. We also invite you to see what our family medicine faculty and residents are currently doing by clicking here.across top 2013OPTIBarusButaniMoss_home-scholarships_activities

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