Dental Care

Note: Dental training for residents is currently on pause but we hope to be able to resume soon.

MDFMR has been a pioneer in integrating oral health care into family medicine training; our efforts have been reported by the Associated Press and published in the New York Times.

Since 2005 providers at MDFMR have:

  • Screened children for dental caries
  • Applied fluoride varnish
  • Evaluated and treated dental pain in adult patients
  • Performed simple tooth extractions

Dental clinics are held monthly at Maine Dartmouth Family Practice in Waterville and twice a month at the Family Medicine Institute in Augusta, providing an opportunity for residents to learn how to administer anesthesia and perform extractions under the direction of a local dentist. These clinics provide the same standard of care as a dental office and are supervised by a licensed dentist who adopts a hands-off approach, guiding residents through the examination and procedure.