Sample Schedule

Due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, we will be conducting virtual interviews until further notice.


Sample Interview Day Schedule

This is a sample schedule, subject to change. Interviewees will receive a personalized schedule upon their arrival at the Family Medicine Institute (FMI) on interview day. 

8:00 AMFamily Medicine Institute (FMI) - Welcome by a faculty member
8:15 AMTour of the FMI
8:30 AMInterviews
9:30 AMBreak and drive to MaineGeneral Medical Center (MGMC)
10:00 AM Group meeting with a faculty member
11:00 AMBreak
11:15 AMGroup tour of MGMC with a faculty member
11:45 AMLunch with residents
12:30 PMDrive to Maine Dartmouth Family Practice (MDFP) in Waterville
1:00 PMInterview
1:30 PMGroup closing and tour of MDFP with a faculty member
2:00 PMReturn to FMI - Formal interview day ends

Optional: Preceptor room time at either of our outpatient centers (FMI or MDFP) is available at the end of your interview day with us. If your schedule allows, this is a good opportunity to see residents and faculty preceptors “in action.”  This experience does not include observing or shadowing patient interactions.