Family Medicine Institute

The Family Medicine Institute (FMI) at 15 E. Chestnut Street in Augusta serves as the outpatient continuity of care setting for geriatric medicine fellows; fellows gain clinical experience in preventive and acute health care delivery as well as in managing the complex chronic care needs of older adults. The FMI is a long-established practice serving about 7,600 patients, about 20% of whom are over age 60; FMI manages nearly 25,500 patient visits per year. Sixty percent of MDFMR’s family medicine residents are based at this site.

The practice comprises four patient care teams; each team on average has

  • Three medical assistants
  • Two licensed nurses
  • One patient services representative
  • A nurse practitioner or physician assistant
  • Three family medicine physicians
  • Four to six family medicine residents

A psychologist and a clinical social worker are also embedded in the practice and accept referrals from all teams.

The facility has a teaching area/library and an area for patient education, as well as a large conference room. Geriatric medicine fellows are precepted by geriatrician faculty while seeing patients at the FMI.