To Apply for 4th Year Elective

Medical students may apply online to do a fourth-year elective rotation with us. In addition to submitting the online application, we require supporting documents consisting of:

  • A copy of your immunization records (including recent flu vaccination)
  • A copy of your transcript
  • Proof of a background check with no adverse findings completed within a year of the requested rotation’s start date
  • Step One scores
  • A letter from your school stating you are a current student in good standing and will be covered by malpractice insurance during your rotation
  • A copy of your malpractice insurance certification
  • Verification of affiliation with a US medical school (if you are an international medical school student)

Your application will not be considered until all documents are received. The review process takes approximately 4-6 weeks.

Click here to apply online.

Please submit all required supporting documents to our program coordinator using one of these methods:


15 East Chestnut St.
Augusta, Maine 04330
Attention: Medical Student Coordinator


Fax: 207-626-1902

Note: We currently charge a fee of $25 per week for student housing; however, for fourth year elective rotations that will begin on or after June 1, 2024, the student housing fee will be increased to $50.00 per week to cover rising costs. This fee will be collected at the time the application for an elective rotation is approved. Please see FAQs for more information about our student housing.