Katherine Peters, DO

Medical School: University of New England College of Osteopathic Medicine
Family Medicine Residency: Ventura Family Medicine Residency
Maternal Child Health Fellowship: Santa Paula Maternal Child Health Fellowship

Kate Peters grew up in New Hampshire with an incredibly loving and generous family; they remain her primary inspiration in caring for others. She studied theology as an undergraduate and through some colorful experiences with people, poverty, and injustice, became convinced of her vocation in medicine.  She enjoyed a bit of a winding road through medical education and was delighted to end up in Ventura, California for a full-spectrum family medicine residency. She followed that with an extra year of training in maternal and child health.

Kate was fortunate to have spent her third year of medical school in clinical rotations at MDFMR and was thrilled when the opportunity to return arose.  She loves teaching and doctoring. She is particularly passionate about obstetrics, transgender care, adolescents, and migrant health.

Kate is grateful for her brilliant, imaginative, and compassionate partner Jon. They enjoy cooking for people, playing with their dogs, being outdoors, working on projects, and living creative lives in community.